The Foot Clinic Point Cook’s Podiatrists strive to keep you on your feet. Our team focus on providing the highest quality sports, general, rehabilitative and paediatric Podiatry to the local Point Cook community.

From heel spurs, plantar fasciitis to acute fractures and ankle sprains our Podiatrists ensure that your feet are kept healthy and active. All treatments will be based on the best available evidence and clinical expertise. By ensuring you are treated by a Podiatrist is important for fast and effective foot, ankle, knee and leg pain relief.

Some of the services provided by our Podiatrists:

- Custom orthotics
- Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
- Foot, ankle, knee or leg pain
- Fractures
- Ankle sprains
- Ingrown toe nails, corns and callouses
- Paediatric Podiatry (intoeing, heel pain, foot pain)
- Shin splints
- Dry needling
- 3D laser scanning for custom orthoses


No referral needed and all private health funds accepted.

Meet our team:

Nathan Pring Podiatrist

B.HSc, Ma.PodPrac (LaTrobe University)
Nathan brings local experience having worked in the Point Cook area in the past. He began working in the Geelong region initially and quickly adapted to working in Point Cook in recent years. Nathan brings expertise in managing sports related foot and ankle injuries. He performs regular nail surgeries and has very sound clinical skills in this area.

Nathan has undertaken additional courses in the past and worked as an accredited personal trainer for several years. He is very experienced in the prescription of custom foot orthoses. With a 20 year history of playing cricket at a high level as well as many other sports such as tennis, basketball, soccer and volleyball. He brings excellent skills in sports injury rehabilitation.

Ashley Wevling Podiatrist

B.Podiatry (LaTrobe University)
Ashley has vast experience working within the local community for over 6 years. She currently works as the senior clinician within a local public health organisation supporting a team of Podiatrists. Ashley is experienced in all areas of Podiatry including Diabetes foot examinations, ongoing dermatological care and managing acute and chronic sports injuries. She also recently undertook a research project on the use of dry needling for musculoskeletal injuries.

Ashley has a special interest and expertise in the treatment of Paediatric lower limb conditions. She has attended several professional development seminars on children's Podiatry.

Christopher Wevling Podiatrist

B.HSc, Ma.PodPrac (LaTrobe University)
Bringing experience from working as a Podiatrist in acute hospital and community rehabilitation and sports Podiatry, Chris brings both interest and knowledge in diabetic foot complications and sports injuries of the foot and ankle.

Playing basketball and participating in fitness and strength training Chris understands the importance of proper rehabilitation of tissues after an injury, both improving performance in sports and decreasing chances of further injuries and problems.

Bookings can be made online at or call (03) 8375 2062

podiatrist looking at childs foot